Gun Cabinets

These cabinets are made to take a steel gun safe for storing guns, ammunition and accessories. The design enables the steel safe to be securely fixed through the back of the cabinet into the wall of the room. Each cabinet is bespoke, so can be made to accept a gun safe you may already own. With the steel safe hidden from view it gives the opportunity to store guns in any part of the house where there is a suitable wall to fix to.  This gives ease of access, stable temperature and humidity and prevents condensation and corrosion to your guns and accessories.

All pieces can be made to match your furniture and room interior design.

Move your mouse over each Gun Cabinet to see it open and close

The Heywood Gun CabinetThe Hingham Gun CabinetThe Ellingham Gun Cabinet

The Heywood Gun Cabinet                  The Hingham Gun Cabinet                  The Ellingham Gun Cabinet

Sedgeford Gun CabinetCaston Gun CabinetFersfield Gun Cabinet

The Sedgeford Gun Cabinet                The Caston Gun Cabinet                The Fersfield Gun Cabinet


Besthorpe Gun CabinetFoulsham Gun CabinetRingland Gun Cabinet

The Besthorpe Gun Cabinet                  The Foulsham Gun Cabinet                  The Ringland Gun Cabinet